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Turnkey Remote Clinics

Turnkey Remote Clinics

Multinational Medical Rapid Response Team
Turnkey Remote Clinics

Alleanza personnel work “hand-in-glove” with global partners, serving as prime contractor or prime subcontractor, to rapidly build, equip, staff, and manage turnkey mobile clinic operations throughout remote regions of the Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Central Asia.

Alleanza delivers comprehensive operational components including overall program management, recruitment of key medical personnel, management of rapid response medical teams, medical services delivery, and operational tracking and success measurement.

Medical Personnel Recruitment

Alleanza recruits high-quality, technically proficient physicians, dentists, nurses, physician assistants, technologists, as well as ancillary and administrative personnel.

The company taps its worldwide clinicians’ network that provides applicants from all corners of the world. Applicants are carefully screened and undergo primary-source credential verification and background checks. Alleanza strictly adheres to contractual qualification requirements. See our careers page to complete an application for open positions.

How it Works

When tasked with a multi-faceted project as technically complex as a remote medical clinic, Alleanza delivers. Alleanza manages mission-critical programmatic details allowing clients to focus on overall operations. Alleanza provides the following staff and services:

A dedicated Alleanza medical director provides overall medical direction and oversight; development and implementation of policies and procedures, and final approval of vetted clinicians and training protocols. The Alleanza clinic operations director comes with extensive clinical experience and operational oversight and ensures adequate staffing, mission-essential employees, and surge capacity. The Alleanza program manager brings extensive healthcare administrative experience and provides contract oversight, quality assurance, and quality improvement supervision.

Mobile Facility
Medical Services in Remote Turnkey Clinics

Multinational Medical Rapid Response (M2R2) teams consist of emergency medicine, general surgery, nursing, and other ancillary staff who deliver emergency, primary and basic surgical care in austere environments. Upon arrival of first responders, teams establish treatment sites and initiate care until readiness of the permanent clinic facility. The M2R2 team remains until vetted, credentialed, and permanent medical staff deploy onsite.

M2R2 deployment duties include support of existing pre-hospital, ambulatory and in-patient care; patient evacuation, repatriation and medical transport; acute mental health support; and, support of UN, host nation, NGO, military and tactical contingency plans.

Surgical Treatment to International Standards

Alleanza provides fully functioning operating theaters in accordance with international standards including anesthesia, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, limb-saving surgery, and emergency OB/GYN surgery.

Other services provided in the remote medical clinic include:

  • Routine/emergency dental services and simple dental prostheses
  • Outpatient med-surg follow-up and occupational medicine
  • Full staffing of remote inpatient med-surg wards with nursing, lab diagnostics, radiology and other ancillary personnel; only highly trained and certified lab technicians and phlebotomists hired
  • Custom formulary in partnership with pharmacy groups adhering to international standards
  • Range of non-surgical specialty care in internal medicine, infectious disease, gastroenterology, and more
Ethiopia Wound Medical team
Measuring Quality & Success

Since 2016, Alleanza has worked with international governments developing and implementing programs to advance patient care in challenging settings.

Knowing the requirements for medical evaluations, dentistry and drug screenings, Alleanza works with local health authorities to comply with policy and health standards. To that end, Alleanza creates cost- effective, best-practice solutions for medical care; reduction of risk and organization liability; reduction of loss time to accidents; and, reduction of untimely or unwarranted medical expenses or evacuations.

Collaborative alliances with clients, medical providers, ancillary teams, and host nation entities allow for operational partnerships that improve patient-centered medical outcomes. Within 30 working days, Alleanza develops a dashboard to benchmark operational metrics that conform to internationally recognized standards of patient care.

Telemedicine “Reach Back” Service

Alleanza aligns closely with Hippo Technologies and other global telemedicine partners to positively influence patient outcomes in general and specialty medical care. Situations that require a second opinion or in the absence of permanent providers or appropriate facilities present the opportunity for reach-back services.

In the remote medical clinics, onsite X-ray and ultrasound services are provided and, in cooperation with global partners, tele-radiology “reach back” services also are available.


Working with Alleanza

The world is Alleanza's backyard. As a US government contractor, the company complies with strict and rigorous standards for every project and program for which it is hired.

Alleanza connects with governments, municipalities, NGOs, military, law enforcement, security agencies, healthcare institutions, corporations, and academia to identify core healthcare challenges and find a strategic solution.

Whether a client requires austere, remote or urban healthcare services or clinical education, Alleanza recruits the medical personnel necessary to deliver the services of any kind, in any location. Its partnerships provide the extension of such services throughout the world.

Reach Alleanza to discuss your current healthcare situation. We are delighted to have that conversation.

Case of Studies
Alleanza™ has teamed with premier US and other Western medical & dental practices to bring an extensive range of specialty medical and referral services to a wider global market.
Read the case of study
Case of Studies
Alleanza™ has teamed with premier US and other Western medical & dental practices to bring an extensive range of specialty medical and referral services to a wider global market.
Read the case of study
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