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International Practice Alliance

International Practice Alliance

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International Practice Alliance

When medical facilities want to establish additional physician specialties in their local and regional hospital, they consider US physicians to bring the specialties to their countries.

Alleanza brings deep familiarity with such programs, implementing them on a regular basis for existing clients. The company counsels country leadership and health authorities on best practice to align their organizations with vetted and credentialed doctors interested in growing their US practice overseas.

In addition, the international practice alliance program works in the reverse direction. For US physicians interested in opening a branch of their practice in a foreign country, Alleanza paves the way for the connection and opportunity. More and more, as the world gets smaller, US physician practices will consider the opportunity to partner with foreign entities to expand medical services to new territories and communities. 

How it Works

The International Practice Alliance aligns with Alleanza's mission to refine patient care standards globally with advanced medical services and clinical education.

For those medical facilities abroad or US-based physician practices that want to make a connection to expand services, Alleanza steps in to connect each with the other.

From assisting with contract negotiations to recruiting, vetting and hiring medical leaders to fill open positions abroad, Alleanza manages the deal every step of the way.


Patient and Doctor's Meeting
Services Offered

With a project to help a foreign government refine its standards of patient care with additional medical specialties, Alleanza researches the needs in the region, listens to the requests by the client, quantifies the number of physicians and volume of patients, and begins the search to recruit the right physician within requested medical specialties. 

Alleanza recruits and hires a breadth of medical professionals, and within this network, it taps the physicians to consider the opportunity. Alleanza advises both parties along the way bridging the negotiations and offering counsel about best practice.

The physician who accepts the offer travels to the respective institution several times quarterly while visiting dignitaries to the US come to the physician’s US location for medical services. 

This type of business exchange advances global medical care and improves patient care outcomes.

Project Highlight

A MENA boutique hospital invited Alleanza to build an in-hospital men’s health program. The project included recruitment of a U.S. urologist experienced in the effects of obesity, diabetes and sexual dysfunction in men. 

Alleanza screened and vetted several candidates, made arrangements for the two parties to meet and helped negotiate the relationship. The U.S. physician agreed to an international presence at the boutique- hospital offering quarterly in-person doctor visits for local patients. 

The doctor hung a shingle at home marketing his international practice and began attracting more international cash-paying patients from the MENA region who were visiting the U.S.

The U.S. urologist features his services on social media while the boutique hospital in the MENA region informs local patients that medical services are provided by a U.S. physician. 


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Doctor Working
Flagship Collaborative Services

Alleanza approaches its international relationships with great respect and commitment. To further its mission of improving patient outcomes with high-quality medical care, Alleanza connects the healthcare facilities that need services with the experts with services to offer. In many cases, US medical specialists find Alleanza and express interest in establishing relationships with international practices and hospitals. As Alleanza works with boutique institutions in emerging nations, it has the opportunity to connect both parties so strong collaborations can occur. If you’re interested in opportunities abroad or if you’re a medical institution that wants to leverage US medical specialists, then speak with Alleanza. Forging such relationships is the company’s flagship service.

Fostering Relationships

Fostering strong relationships between select specialty medical practices and leading international healthcare facilities creates strong societal benefits. Developing these relationships with thoroughly vetted, compatible partners leads to positive implementation of practice standards, greater cross-cultural understanding, and, ultimately, an improvement in patient outcomes.

Alleanza thoroughly vets each medical practice and international facility interested in a potential partnership. Once this process is complete, we establish a set of mutually agreed-upon operational procedures for each unique professional collaboration. Both entities receive guidance with administrative processes. After a medical practice establishes itself within the hosting facility, that practice provides its own physicians on a permanent and/or rotating basis. The facility’s permanent staff are evaluated and work under mutually agreed-upon practice standards.


Interested in developing an international medical alliance for your healthcare practice? Perhaps you’re a healthcare institution in Northern Africa with an interest in expanding medical specialty services with an esteemed US physician? Or, perhaps you’re a US specialty medical provider interested in hanging a shingle in Dubai?

Regardless of which side of the ocean you live or work, Alleanza connects medical providers with opportunities to collaborate with peers across the world. Simply click on the Contact Alleanza button to complete the contact form asking for assistance with your healthcare opportunity. We will respond digitally upon receipt of your query, and our team will review your request as soon as possible.

Case of Studies
Alleanza™ has teamed with premier US and other Western medical & dental practices to bring an extensive range of specialty medical and referral services to a wider global market.
Read the case of study
Case of Studies
Alleanza™ has teamed with premier US and other Western medical & dental practices to bring an extensive range of specialty medical and referral services to a wider global market.
Read the case of study
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