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DoD Compliant Medical Evaluations

DoD Compliant Medical Evaluations

Global Medical Services
DoD Compliant Medical Evaluations

When agencies contract with the US government to implement and execute contractual obligations, agencies are required to provide consistent medical services to sub-contractors and employees.

These services that are likely to include medical evaluations, pre-deployment health screenings, dentistry, and drug screening must be provided and recorded regularly for anyone working under contract.

Alleanza is hired to deliver such contractual services onsite, regardless of where the location. Working in tandem with Komodo Korps, a wholly owned subsidiary of Alleanza, the team designs the customized services and implements in a timely fashion.


How it Works

Alleanza designed a unique solution for austere medical environments in its Mini Mobile Mission Specific (M3S) Clinic that offers the latest in point-of-care solutions and diagnostics. Specifically, the M3S Clinic works with wireless/satellite technology to bring telemedicine and electronic medical records platforms directly to the challenging environment.

Once clients indicate there’s a need, Alleanza is able to rapidly deploy its advanced medically trained team to the austere region. Each is licensed and/or certified as an independent duty medical provider in remote regions. These highly trained medical professionals reach the austere environment equipped with Alleanza’s proprietary M3S Clinic.

Designed to be transported, assembled and operated by only one clinician, Alleanza provides a short-term, strategically equipped, rapidly deployed, elevated level of skilled medical care in the most challenging global environments. This unique solution can be pre-positioned in anticipation of medical necessity or rapidly deployed in response to an unexpected emergency.

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Medical Education & Training

Alleanza, Komodo Korps and its partners train clinicians, lay personnel, military, law enforcement, and others to work in austere or remote environments with little medical resources. Training is oriented to evidence-based medical practice and advanced techniques.

Komodo Korps is the Alleanza education and training division specializing in austere environments.

The company aligns with US and international faculty who bring expertise in clinical education and administration of medical services.  These core teams integrate leading- edge evidence-based medical practice and techniques into thorough and comprehensive training.

Custom Methodology

In challenging OCONUS settings, Alleanza creates proprietary and  comprehensive US CENTCOM-compliant Policy and Operational Procedure Guidelines.  To date, the company has successfully developed and implemented these programs for a variety of clients. 

These seamless operations that align with US CENTCOM guidelines are implemented both in the US and abroad. Programs also align directly to clients' needs. Alleanza expertise enables consistent and high-quality, standardized medical and dental evaluations.

Alleanza adheres to solid decision-making guidelines, rigid quality assurance, and also follows the highest ethical standards that align with clients’ requirements.

Regardless of the OCONUS or CONUS setting, Alleanza conducts evaluations featuring either static or mobile clinics in accordance with all host nation laws.

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Static or Mobile Medical Clinics

Clients select one of two ways for Alleanza to implement US DoD medical evaluations, drug screenings, pre-deployment screenings, or dentistry.

Static clinics are geo-located and remain independent of operations. Static clinics provide the same exemplary medical services regardless of location. Personnel working at job sites are required to travel to the static location.

Mini Mobile Medical Stations (M3S) are designed and developed by Alleanza. These proprietary stations are mobile and equipped with all of the necessary tools and equipment required to implement austere environment medical evaluations.

M3S is designed for use with one medically trained provider who comes to the location equipped to set up the mobile health station.


As a US Department of Defense Contractor, Alleanza provides services that improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes in remote and/or austere environments. With its specialty in this arena, Alleanza and its subsidiary, Komodo Korps, delivers these specialty services in all corners of the world.

Interested in learning more about austere environment medical services with Alleanza? Simply access the button below and complete the contact form to place your query about what you need in austere environments.

Case of Studies
Alleanza™ has teamed with premier US and other Western medical & dental practices to bring an extensive range of specialty medical and referral services to a wider global market.
Read the case of study
Case of Studies
Alleanza™ has teamed with premier US and other Western medical & dental practices to bring an extensive range of specialty medical and referral services to a wider global market.
Read the case of study
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