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Academic Medical Programs

Academic Medical Programs

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Academic Medical Programs

Alleanza partners with educational institutions worldwide to create and execute unique academic medical programs. It works closely with an organization’s administration and faculty to create a curriculum, conduct faculty development workshops, recruit program leadership and work cooperatively with government education authorities to win approval for new programs.

Alleanza partners with various international academic organizations to develop and/or expand the following programs:


  • Military Nurse Program
  • Military and Civilian Physician Assistant Program
  • Combat Medic Program
  • Extreme Environment Medicine Fellowship
  • Emergency Medical Services Fellowship
  • Multi-track Pre-Residency and Leadership-in-Medicine Program

How it Works

Alleanza’s international partnerships with esteemed medical institutions and reputable non-profits extend the company’s footprint into countries and governmental bodies interested in expanding academic medical education.

Collaboratively, Alleanza designs and develops the various components of the program and trains the trainers in delivering appropriate medical education. Instructors are physicians who are often board certified in a variety of specialties.

Academic medical programs can be as small or as large as the health institution or government body requires. Alleanza adjusts and customizes programs as needed.

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Program Customization

When Alleanza is tasked with academic program development, extensive research is conducted prior as the program proposal is developed. This occurs by interviewing health facility leaders to obtain business objectives and program parameters. The entire experience is collaborative. The end result is a long-term partnership based on medical services enrichment and improved patient outcomes.

Enhancing Medical Specialties

Alleanza, through its global network, leverages credible partnerships to build academic medical programs. It taps esteemed physicians and US non-profit organizations for their expertise to develop and customize medical specialty education throughout the world. When clients request assistance in clinical education, Alleanza creates a successful solution for physicians, nurses and other allied health professionals.

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Bird's Eye View

When Alleanza is invited to participate in developing academic medical programs, it views the project from a bird's eye -- with an overall look at the challenges and opportunities that interact and comingle. By collaborating with the client, Alleanza audits and analyzes the opportunity and then develops a proposed program to improve clinical education with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

Leveraging US Medicine

Alleanza clients in the MENA region, requested assistance in expanding physician specialties in their medical facility. This international practice alliance presents the first step in determining whether future academic medical programs can be developed. Because Alleanza views an opportunity from a high vantage point, it understands how to strategically develop academic programs in alliance with a US physician or US medical institution.


Interested in developing an academic medical program in your healthcare facility? Alleanza provides in-depth expertise in the customization of clinical education program development for hospitals and clinics throughout the world.

Simply click the contact form and invite Alleanza to a conversation about your needs. The company's team will reach you and together you can discuss the program goals.

Operation Allies Welcome
Across multiple US military bases and OCONUS locations, Alleanza Group supports the US Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security program, Operation Allies Welcome. Alleanza, as a subcontractor to International SOS (ISOS) and several of their prime DoD contractors, assists in the coordination and implementation of a broad range of services, including logistics, initial processing, COVID-19 testing, isolation of COVID-positive individuals, vaccinations, additional medical, psychiatric, dental services, and basic screening and support for individuals who are neither U.S. citizens nor lawful permanent residents. This support includes initial processing at pre-designated U.S. military bases prior to being connected with NGOs for resettlement into communities.
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International SOS Medical Clinic
Alleanza engaged with International SOS in July 2021 prior to the fall of Kabul to the Taliban. Alleanza assisted with procurement of major infrastructure components for the first medical clinic in Fort Lee, Virginia. Alleanza then procured a vast array of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals for Fort Lee, Fort Pickett (VA), McGuire Air Force Base (NJ), Holloman Air Force Base (NM), and Leesburg (VA). The company also consulted on setup and management of their pharmaceutical formulary. Lastly, Alleanza consulted on and procured appropriate imaging technology for several US military bases and arranged biomedical engineering services to certify and maintain all equipment.
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US Military Base Staffing
Alleanza recruited, screened and employed more than 100 clinicians and administrative personnel in multiple states. Based on the success of these requests, Alleanza assisted with a broad range of staffing needs at all US military bases. These positions included physicians, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, paramedics, EMTs, lab and phlebotomy techs, radiology techs, nursing assistants, and administrative staff. Alleanza also procured and fully staffed four mobile dental vehicles: two at Fort Pickett and another two at McGuire Air Force Base. For this component, the company hired dentists, dental techs, dental hygienists, and additional administrative staff. Alleanza paramedics staffed mobile convoys arriving in the US with incoming Afghan refugees who relocated to various military bases.
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Relocation of Afghan Civilians
Alleanza engaged with two NGOs and UK-based security firm Akkadian International LTD. The project for which Alleanza was hired centered around planning of direct evacuation and initial medical screening of a large number of Afghan civilians. The civilians were evacuated from various Afghan cities. Alleanza assisted with their transit through a third country for more complete medical support before ultimate resettlement in several Western countries.
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International Health Alliance with Saudi Arabia
Alleanza engaged with The Ochsner Health System in New Orleans for a long-term consulting project. Alleanza was charged with increasing the scale of multiple clinical and academic programs with The Ochsner Clinic Foundation & International Services for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The program included a one-year research fellowship program and a one-year administrative fellowship program for physicians from Saudi Arabia. International allied health students participated in clinical rotations at the health system.
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Developing Oman’s EMS & First Responder Program
For The Sultanate of Oman, a program was developed to create Oman’s Emergency Medical System and First Responder program within the Royal Omani Police Department. This program was executed in the pre-launch phase of Alleanza in conjunction with the Ronald Reagan Institute of Emergency Medicine at George Washington University. The program was executed in Washington, DC and Muscat, Oman.
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Building a Men’s Health Program in MENA
A MENA boutique hospital invited Alleanza to build an in-hospital men’s health program. The project included recruitment of a U.S. urologist experienced in the effects of obesity, diabetes and sexual dysfunction in men. Alleanza screened and vetted several candidates, made arrangements for the two parties to meet and helped negotiate the relationship. The U.S. physician agreed to an international presence at this hospital offering twice annual in-person doctor visits for local patients. The doctor hung a shingle at home saying he had an international practice and began attracting more international cash-paying patients from the MENA region who were visiting the U.S. The U.S. urologist features his services on social media while the boutique hospital in the MENA region informs local patients that medical services are provided by a U.S. physician.
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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Physician Education
Alleanza developed an international practice alliance with The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia designed as long-term for physician education in the Saudi military. Initial program development included a recurring two-year US-based pre-residency fellowship program (ENVOY) for physicians from the Saudi military. In addition, a program similar to those executed by Komodo Korps, included development and management of a one-year US-based Fellowship in Extreme Environmental Medicine (FEEM) for Saudi military physicians.
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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Physician Education
Alleanza designed and managed the Middle East’s first Physician Assistant Program encompassing a two-year Masters degree for The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The program was set up at the Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences in Dhahran, KSA. At the 10th Annual Military Medicine Conference in Jeddah, Alleanza conducted a series of lectures on the Necessity of the Physician Assistant Profession in the Saudi Military and Management of an Active Shooter Situation for MENA military personnel.
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Delivering CME in MENA
As part of its International Practice Alliance services, Alleanza executives developed and conducted multiple CME lectures and procedure-based workshops for family medicine physicians throughout the United Arab Emirates. In the MENA region, a three-day CME didactic and tabletop exercise course in emerging infectious disease and outbreaks for MENA Regional Military personnel was completed. The group delivered multiple American Hospital Association certification courses for UAE-based oil and gas companies operating in remote areas of the Middle East as well as off-shore platforms. Additionally, Emergency Response and Disaster Exercise Evaluations for UAE first responders were conducted after an international incident relating to an airline disaster. Developed and conducted a 3-day CME
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CME Courses in Qatar
For the State of Qatar, designed and conducted multiple CME lecture series and procedure-based workshops for Hamad Medical Corporation and the Qatari Supreme Counsel of Health on management of major trauma, disaster medicine, acute traumatic wound management, and chronic wound management. Lectures and workshops were conducted both in the US and Doha. Conducted multiple courses with the American Hospital Association for US contract and military medical personnel at US Central Command, Camp As Sayliyah, Doha.
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Workshops in Beirut
Alleanza developed and conducted multiple procedure-based workshops and CME lectures for The Lebanese Republic in Beirut. The assignment was with The Lebanese Order of Physicians and included subjects on management of major trauma, disaster medicine, acute traumatic wound management, and chronic wound management.
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US Military Training in Kuwait
Alleanza conducted multiple NAEMT and American Hospital Association training courses for both US and Philippine First Responder teams in The State of Kuwait. This support was provided for the US Military at all military bases in Kuwait.
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Serving Bahrain with Healthcare Facility Management
In The Kingdom of Bahrain, Alleanza’s long term consulting project established the flagship medical facility for the Gulf-American Hospital Corporation, Manama, Bahrain. In addition, the company developed quarterly CME lectures and workshop series for the Bahraini Ministry of Health under the sponsorship of the Al Owainati Holding Group.
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Influencing Healthcare Standards in Ghana
For The Republic of Ghana, Alleanza consulted with representatives of the Ghana government regarding advanced medical training for its country’s physicians and private medical institutions. Alleanza designed and delivered CME workshops on the expansion, increased scope of practice, and elevation of clinical medical education for physician extenders throughout the country.
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Emergency and Austere Medical Programs in Ethiopia
Every nation continues to improve its medical training, and The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is no different. Aligning with Alleanza executives, Ethiopia invited continuing medical education training, emergency services training and also austere environment training for its medical practitioners. Alleanza executives conducted multiple CME courses for Ethiopian medical practitioners and consulted on emergency medical and austere medical programs run in cooperation with Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa.
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