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Forging alliances to
strengthen access to
medical resources for
better patient outcomes

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Forging alliances to strengthen access to medical resources for better patient outcomes


CEO James Marinucci founds Alleanza, Italian for “alliance“

Alleanza logo is created signifying medical education.

Alleanza contracts with the US Department of Defense to provide remote location medical personnel support in Qatar, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait.

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Alleanza launches its first international CME programs worldwide.

As a milestone, Alleanza conducted coordinated, multinational CME modules across six countries during a six-week timeframe.

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Alleanza launches US nationwide CME programs at major conferences for Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, EMTs, and Paramedics

Healthcare Facility Development
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Alleanza partners in the creation and launch of the Medical Concierge Network to advance access to medical resources for subscribers anywhere.

Alleanza launches new partnership with Continuing Education Company  to offer a diverse curriculum of world-class CME courses.


Alleanza launches innovation initiatives and partnerships with startups HIPPO and Tiburon to advance healthcare delivery in the field.

Alleanza launches worldwide CME program offerings.

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A new partnership with Operation Allies Welcome provides staffing, medical equipment, medical supplies, diagnostic protocols and equipment for emergency hospitals set up to serve 16,000+ refugees. Alleanza provides strategic consulting to direct operations, clinical training, logistics, onboarding, and compliance.

In the United Arab Emirates, Alleanza launches a sister company and expands  into the Middle East & Africa regions.


Alleanza invents and launches its proprietary Mini Mobile Medical Station (M3S) for medical care in austere and remote environments.

Alleanza deployed M3S clinics to support Ukraine clinical care in austere and remote environments.

Alleanza helps relaunch partner Six Kind to provide global medical resources to travelers anywhere, any time.

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Delivering Holistic Services

Alleanza designs and delivers holistic solutions that extend beyond clients’ known challenges. Utilizing keen assessment abilities, Alleanza uncovers unmet and unknown client needs. Alleanza collaborates with its partners to align services with patient-centered care.