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Working With Alleanza

Interested in a career with Alleanza?

Alleanza outsources or recruits medical experts for specific career positions. Throughout the world, governments, NGOs, municipalities, medical facilities, and educational institutions demand the high-quality professionalism and expertise of US medical providers. On a frequent basis, Alleanza recruits medical personnel for its clients in Afghanistan, the Marshall Islands, Guam, Dubai or for International SOS.

careers with alleanza

We invite you to submit a resume as we recruit people to fill positions in a variety of ways:

Medical professionals to join Alleanza on a project or permanent basis.
Months-long assignments in regions of the world with unmet needs.
Professionals for executive placement in hospitals outside the US.
Clinical educators to teach our courses in-person or virtually.
Experienced medical staff to work with us during an international crisis.
Former military medical personnel comfortable in austere or remote environments.
Language fluency, particularly Arabic and French, to assist with special projects.
Personnel to fill open positions for clients throughout the world.

Submit your resume and availability to Alleanza. We are expanding our database of individuals with the ability to be flexible, to travel internationally, who speak languages, and who are willing to spend lengthier assignments away from home.

Working With Alleanza

Dental Assistant
Physician Assistant
Nurse Practitioner
Registered Nurse
Licensed Practical Nurse
Nursing Assistant
Emergency Medical Technician
Lab Tech
Administrative Assistants

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